Doing strangers favours!

The Pitch

Faver's premise is simple.
When you need something from a certain location, where you can't be yourself and where you don't know anyone personally, you can now obtain it vicariously through another app-user present there.

This enables you to have a reach outside of your own network and to access anything * everywhere at the tap of an app. All you need is a helpful stranger at the scene.

Of course, it works both ways and other could need something from your location. So do them a favour as well, because good things come back around!

* For example: check out the vibe of the desired venue before heading out, catch a live sunset from the seaside, retrieve an item you forgot at a certain place, find out if a particular shop in the shopping street still has that one item on display in the shop window,... (the possibilities only end with your imagination).

The more that people use the faver app, the closer we get to realizing our vision: by connecting strangers and enabling them to help each other out, making the world a more connected and friendlier place!


1. Log in on 'Faver'

2. Look up the location you need something from and see if other app users are nearby.

3. Select the user you want to contact.

4. Ask the selected user for something you need from this particular location.

5. Or leave a pin behind with instructions on what you need so that later passerby might help you out.


Join faver: a community of strangers doing each other favours, based on their location!


Meet the dream team behind Faver.

  • olivier

    Olivier Dinet
    Non-technical founder

  • przemsylaw

    Przemyslaw Szurmak
    Technical co-founder
    iOS developer

  • mateusz

    Mateusz Koslacz
    Android developer

  • larissa

    Larissa Goethals
    UI/UX designer


Our Street Cred

  • ESNC

    European Satellite Navigation Competition Regional Winner

  • Startit

    Proud Member of Startit @ KBC

  • Innovation_cafe

    Best Pitch @ Idea & Innovation Café Erasmushogeschool Brussel


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